Ms Eyecon is every woman who is not afraid to be herself and has the courage to own her truth.





Every woman has her weapons. Her makeup is warpaint. Friends are her backup. And her bag always has more ammo. But even the strongest warrior needs good armor.

Sunglasses are that armor and Ms. Eyecon is the best. Your protection against UV Rays, hangovers, or whatever crazy shit the world throws your way. Also, they make you look cool. 

Ms Eyecon is for every woman who refuses to apologize. For having opinions. For being loud. For ordering delivery iced coffee when they don’t want to get out of bed. 

Ms Eyecon was founded as a platform for female collaboration and empowerment. Where ladies can feel safe to do what they want and say what they want. So for creative inspiration, we turned to the most inspiring women in history. Each new Eyecon model will be based on an amazing lady, a pioneer and an all-around badass.